• Hike to the spectacular site of Iceland’s newest volcanic fissure near the Litli-Hrútur mountain. Located on the Reykjanes peninsula, halfway between Reykjavik and the Keflavik International Airport, this new fissure is very close to the previous two eruptions from 2021 and 2022.
  • A certified Hiking Guide will take you safely along the trails leading you to this site of incredible natural beauty.
  • You will pass by the previous two eruption sites from 2021 and 2022.
  • Your guide will provide information about the local area as well as interesting facts about volcanism and the formation of our tiny volcanic island.
  • There will be plenty of opportunities for photos!
  • You’ll meet your guide at the dedicated volcano parking area.

Not Included: Weatherproof Clothing, Hiking Poles, Hiking Boots



  • This tour will start in Reykjavik at an agreed upon pick-up location. You driver will collect you and take you out to the Reykjanes peninsula, to the site of the spectacular volcanic fissure near the Litli-Hrútur mountain.
  • You’ll visit the newly formed volcanic fissure as well as visiting the old lava fields from the previous eruptions in 2021 and 2022. 
  • After spending plenty of time at both locations for countless photos – or to just enjoy nature at her finest – your driver will take you back along the picturesque Road 42, stopping at a few geothermal hotspots along the way.
  • At the conclusion of the tour, your driver will drop you back at your pick-up location.

Included: Pick-up & drop-off from Reykjavik
Not Included: Weatherproof Clothing, Hiking Poles, Hiking Boots


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